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Let's face it. When you say that you are playing board games alone, people will look at you funny. Even more so in cultures where playing board games is not a usual hobby, and board games are translated roughly as social games (games you play with other people).

Why the people have the prejudice about solo board games when it's OK to play video games solo? Probably because first popular board games started as multiplayer and with video games, it's the other way around.

Solo gaming has become mainstream. More and more new games have solo rules, especially cooperative games. Even the competitive games are getting this option, where the player can face the AI of sorts, like Automa in last year's Scythe. And yes, there are one player board games only, like the popular Friday board game.

Do you love to play solo games, or you want to try? Why not joining 1 Player Guild on BGG? While there, also check 2016 People's Choice Top 100 Solo Games geek list. This Lifehacker article by Patrick Allan is also a good start. Of course, browsing around and playing on Tabletopia or some other digital platform is also a good choice.


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Vlaada Chvátil

Vlaada is definitely not your everyday board game designer. For most other designers there is a pattern, either thematic or mechanic. For Vlaada, not so much. His portfolio contains heavy thematic games like the excellent and beloved Mage Knight Board Game, civilization building monster of a game Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization and it's second version Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization which is currently ranked #2 overall on BGG, space themed Space Alert and Galaxy Trucker and of course, last year's winner of German Game of the Year award, Codenames.

Most of his games are hybrid with a deep theme and euro style mechanics. He is also known for a unique style of rulebooks which are often divided into several learning scenarios and use humor for explaining the rules.

To learn more about him and his games, check out the older interview or a newer interview by Dave Neumann of Pocket Tactics.

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