Board Gaming on Mars

Visiting other planets has been humanity's dream for a long time. As our first neighbor, Mars has been in the spotlight of various research and science missions. The Martian, a book by Andy Weir and the follow-up movie have increased the influence of Mars to popular culture.

As always, board games were affected too and we now have a bunch of games that are Mars related. Just to name a few: Mission: Red Planet (Second Edition), Super Motherload, Mission to Mars 2049, Project Mars, Martians: A Story of Civilization, Planet Steam and of course Terraforming Mars a huge hit from the last year that is currently #13 overall on BGG.

This year we'll also get some new games, like Surviving Mars: The First Mission and Pocket Mars. A potential hit in making that already raised a lot of hype is First Martian: Adventures on the Red Planet, a reimplementation of Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island.

We'll probably see even more Mars based games in the future. This is a great time for space explorers among us.


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