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There are board games that can be played for hours or even days. Finding time for those could be difficult in today's busy world, but that doesn't mean that we should give up on our favorite hobby. Our lunch breaks, short free periods, heck even the pause between long games can be spent by playing shorter games called fillers.

Filler games are usually cheap, portable, quick to setup and play and easy to teach. They don't require a lot of table space so they can be played anywhere. But be warned. They can be pretty addictive and take up the whole gaming night if you are not careful :)

Some of the most popular ones are Love Letter, Coup, Zombie Dice, Sushi Go! and a more recent one Codenames which is at the moment the #1 party game on BGG.

Check out 6 Great Filler Games and Why You Should Play More Filler Games by Gray Cat Games, Top Ten Filler Games by iSlaytheDragon, 15 of the Best Filler Games by Matt M. Casey of Clever Move Games and of course Rahdo's Top 10 Filler Games.

P.S. I am going on a vacation. Play some games to fill the time while waiting for the next BGW issue :)


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Stefan Feld

Stefan is one of the most prominent euro-game designers. All his designs are pretty unique, with a unique mechanic, almost always using dice to add variety and different options without too much randomness.

His most popular game is The Castles of Burgundy which is currently ranked #9 overall on BGG. He had a bunch of other hits like Trajan, Bora Bora, Bruges, Notre Dame, In the Year of the Dragon, Macao, Amerigo, AquaSphere... His latest game is The Oracle of Delphi, a nominee for the Golden Geek 2016 best strategy game.

To learn more about Stefan and his games, check out his BGG designer page and The Dice Tower designer spotlight interview. Also, take a look at Rahdo's Top 10 Stefan Feld Games.

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