Abstract Strategy Games

Last time we talked about luck in board games, so let's look at the opposite this time. Abstract strategy games usually don't have luck element but rely on one's skill and strategy instead. The theme is either thin or non-existent. Even if there is a theme, the game would function the same without it.

Chess is probably the first game that comes to mind when thinking about abstract strategy games. One of the oldest board games, originating before 7th century (as it's believed) is still hugely popular and played by millions of amateurs and professionals. Checkers, Go, Backgammon and Mahjong are other most well-known classical games that fall into this category.

A modern era brought us a number of new games, including Patchwork a #1 abstract game on BGG, YINSH and similar games by Kris Burm, Onitama, The Duke, Ingenious, Blokus... as well as last year's Tak and beautiful Santorini.

Also check out The Dice Tower's Top Ten Abstract Games (a bit older and not necessarily strategy games) and Boards and Bees' The Eleven: Abstract Strategy Games.


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