Worker Placement

Worker management is one of the most used mechanics in board games, especially the ones that are declared as euro-games. Players choose one of the actions available to them on their turn and move one of their workers, usually represented as meeples, to the space that represents the action. This allows for a good amount of strategic and tactical planning since the number of actions is limited and a player can prevent other players from getting the action they need.

As we said in one of the previous issues, modern board games mix different mechanics and worker placement is no exception. Last year's excellent Scythe has a player action selection that is somewhat modified worker placement mechanic, but players cannot affect each other selection. The City of Kings, an RPG-ish cooperative game that is currently on Kickstarter is also using modified worker placement.

Few of the best worker placement games are Agricola, Caverna, Robinson Crusoe, Le Havre, Tzolk'in, Caylus...

Alex Harkey and David Satterfield from Games Precipice have a good overview of worker placement mechanic with samples. Also check out Sam Healey's Top 10 Worker Placement Games, GoPlayListen's Top 10: The Best Worker Placement Games and Geek and Sundry's article.


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Rob Daviau

Rob is the author of the most innovative and influential board game mechanic in the last few years - Legacy mechanic. Just check out the #1 game on BGG currently, Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, which he coauthored with Matt Leacock. A lot of new games is and will be using Legacy, like Gloomhaven - check its 2nd printing Kicstarter, Charterstone and Centauri Saga: Abandoned expansion that's also on Kickstarter at the moment.

Other notable games by Rob are Risk Legacy, SeaFall, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie and of course, the upcoming Pandemic Legacy: Season 2.

To learn more about him, check out the GoPlayListen's interview and Ding and Dent interview. Also, find him on BGG, Twitter and his website.

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