Dungeon Crawlers

They kept descending, deeper and deeper down the stairs, through the air filled with silent distant cries, until they found themselves in front of a big sinister door. The lantern cast the shadow upon it, making the cuts in wood look like scars on a creature, slowly moving with the light. They looked each other, gave a quick nod of encouragement and pushed through the door...

Dungeon crawler games stand somewhere in between RPGs and regular board games. They offer a mix of adventure, exploration, fighting and party building which are usually either cooperative or one vs all. Dungeon crawlers are mostly fantasy themed. Yes, of course, Star Wars is a fantasy too! - Star Wars: Imperial Assault

A lot of dungeon crawler games came out lately, including a bunch miniature games from Fantasy Flight and Cool Mini Or Not. We also saw a lot of dungeon crawlers on Kickstarter, like Gloomhaven, a monster of the game that is shipping to KS backers at the moment and also hitting retail. Reviews for Gloomhaven are pretty positive and it's climbing pretty fast up the BGG all time top list, being on a top of a hotness list for quite some time.

Some other notable dungeon crawler games are Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd edition, Claustrophobia, HeroQuest, Massive Darkness, Arcadia Quest and Gears of War: The Board Game.

If you are still not convinced about trying dungeon crawlers, check out Geek & Sundry's 3 Reasons You Need to Play A Dungeon Crawler Miniature Game.


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Corey Konieczka

Corey is a lead designer and driving force behind Fantasy Flight Games. He joined FFG in 2005 and designed or co-designed a number of hits. Some people even call him The Best Designer of the Last Ten Years.

All of his games are highly thematic and a good percent of them is high on BGG's all-time list. Last year's Star Wars: Rebellion is currently #5 on BGG, the newest game in top 10. Some of his most popular games are: Eldritch Horror, Star Wars: Destiny, Forbidden Stars, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Battlestar Galactica, Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, Runewars and Mansions of Madness.

Check out his BGG page or an interview with him by Shannon Appelcline of Mechanics & Meeples. You can also follow him on Twitter - @Psycorey.

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Title image: painted Gloomhaven miniatures by Jason Frowde.

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