Star Trek theme in board games

Ever since its inception 50 years ago, Star Trek has been a hallmark of science fiction, not just for its original medium, TV, but for other mediums too. There are countless movies (OK, 13 of them so far), books, comics, video games and of course board games.

Star Trek family on Board Game Geek lists 450+ items related to Star Trek in their database! That's including expansions, collectibles, promos, etc. According to this geek list, there are 83 Star Trek board games and role playing games.

We have implementations of Catan, Risk, Monopoly... as well as original games like Star Trek: Fleet Captains, Star Trek: Expeditions, Star Trek: Ascendancy and new, not as original, reimplementation of Mage Knight, Star Trek: Frontiers.

Looks like Star Trek will be with us for at least another 50 years and continue to make an influence, not just to the entertainment industry and geek culture, but to technology and science too. Resistance is futile :)


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Richard Ham aka Rahdo

Rahdo is a retired video game designer (worked on games like Syphon Filter, Pitfall: The Lost Expedition, The Sims, Fable 2 and Brink) turned into board gamer and one of the most influential board game reviewer. His passionate reviews, which are published on his YouTube channel, were probably most responsible for me purchasing as many games and funding as many Kickstarter campaigns. Beside runthroughs, he also does top 10 videos, interviews, Rahdo Talks Through podcast and manages Rahdo Runs Through BGG guild.

Rahdo can also be found on BGG and Twitter. To learn more about him, check Geek of the Week page or LudiCreations article.

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